National Loyalist Troll Data Base

Butter Fly Rebellion has called for a data base of Yoons, so let’s get started.

I’ll post a list of Twitter, email and recovery details that you can scan through and look for similarities.

Iain Cameron et al always asserted “what can you get from a few stars on a screen grab recovery”, well you’d be surprised.

It’s the first thing you should do when confronted by a Loyalist Troll. Attempt a login, screenshot/grab the results. Keep going through every recovery method until you’ve a grab of each.

It’s been possible to correctly guess the email address associated with the Twitter account as they often go to great lengths to create a email to match the twitter account.

For example @psflaps was indeed just psflaps@g****.***

Gmail right, so it’s but that’s not the end of it. Try logging into that gmail account and get the recovery details.

Turns out he’s a journalist: who knew.

So, get those screenshots.