Peter Donaldson


Its called Pascalling, when The First Letter Of Each Word is capitalised. An old programming technique which some Trolls are fond of.

He also keeps using the same phone numbers and emails.

Really bad Trolling mate, and btw I proudly voted Yes in 2014.

@Scotsnat pretending to be Lovatt with his latest Troll account isn’t helping you at all.

Slow hand clap to @ScotsNat and Julie. The dynamic duo strikes again.

A mixture of pretending to be Lovatt among other things and developing their troll accounts to what end?

Mark and I apparently are the object of their desires. They want him locked up for duping Yes voters into buying him a pizza and me locked up for pulling @BrianSpanner about his now deleted Facebook account posts.

You guys need to have a day off. In the same week that the Pope has begged forgiveness for Priests that covered up abuses I’m asking you extend the same to Mark. Swept along in the moment and accepted a home delivery of a takeaway.

It’s quite funny when you think about it, I’m gonna try it.

And as for the lies about the paedophilia that’s the lowest guys. Photoshop and fake messages aren’t new to Yoons or arses like Julie and ScotsNat, two anonymous non entities on Twitter. Two meaningless accounts and two cowards.

Why don’t you just do one or come out as your actual fucking name with your accusations and evidence.

Until that happens you’ll always go down in this story as cowards.

Speak up or forever hold yer peace.

More of his accounts to follow:



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