For the love of God!


Not a Yoon, Loyalist or Naw Bag and I’ve never offended him (to my knowledge), but persisting with attacks on MY friend is unacceptable.

Scotsnat, cause we’ll call him that, as he never revealed his name, which I can understand. We are entitled to a degree of privacy. We often exhanged ideas and thoughts on Twitter, enjoying Yoon Trolls being outed and laughing at Keyboard Warriors, like snivelling little Martin White.

But, here comes the but, what on Earth are you playing at mate? We’ve all made mistakes and in the same week Alex Salmond is set up by the Brits, you’ve gone for Mark. Well, what a big man eh! All that hard-man talk you used with me privately, and you go for one of our own. That’s how we lose #indyref2 so have a day off.

What is it you want Mark to do?


What’s all this Hardman shit, Trolling Mark and pretending to be Lovatt. That could land you in serious financial trouble with legal action.

Last warning, back off.

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