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Tic Toc Kevin, or rather Mr P Donaldson.

You’ve got Louis in your pocket, that much we no know. You identified as Kevin on the phone to Jim and you’ve used PDonaldson22@protonmail.com,  it’s time to face the limelight; my short list was two guys, nearly got arrested for identifying the wrong one. That’s how far I will go, and you? Keep hiding mate.

@unsworthwex account recovery was pe | 11* | @gmail.com

Petedonaldson@gmail.com fits and recovers to p***@pc*****.com

Can only get http://pcWorld.com to fit that.

Pete@pcworld.com doesn’t exist but proj@pcworld.com does, which explains the projector recovery account.

There’s a p.donaldson@pcworld.co.uk , so maybe I’m onto something. It’s certainly not unusual to have two jobs.

@pedrotherev account was pe |12*| @ http://Hotmail.co.uk

Here’s the thing Peter, if I link you to that vile account that attacked my wife I’d strongly suggest, like my own brother, you leave the country.

As you would say, I didn’t start this but I’m a great finisher.

Once I’m done I’ll have your employers, family and friends know what a vile piece of shit you are. Fucking coward.

With thanks to Kali Linux!

Reply from Dundee University:

Just narrowed it down to 1.

(A University in Dundee)

For no reason, this supposed Yes voter has started targeting me for a few months now. This is how you lose #indyref2

He just can’t help himself. His latest outburst on Twitter has no meaning whatsoever.

  1. I’m not Hi-Jacking any march or rallies, I didn’t hire a stall. If you want Kevin I can do that next time and march with a banner of your mug shot.
  2. When have I offered to fight at a march? Never, you lying piece of shit.
  3. I’ll give you the opportunity to call me a paedo to my face if you want.

Message ends…. for now….

Dangerous Territory

Calling me a paedophile and claiming that my wife has left me as she found child porn on my computer has to be the whackiest claim you’ve made. What utter drivel.  How long before some random nutter attacks me, (mind they’d get their Krav Maga lesson free), or attacks my house with said wife and children here.

I’ve informed the Police and await advice, in the meantime “Kevin” please desist or I will take this as far as possible.

Latest Troll Accounts

Clicking @ScizzNizzle returns his previous troll account. Grow up “Kevin”





Being Trolled by Yoons

Firstly, lets talk about last night. Just as I published @ScotsNat Troll accounts piecing together his misdemeanours on line this site went down for 5 hours. (Stop giggling at the back of the class you lot). It took that long for my cheap Chinese server provider to sort it. It was that easy to do as I have the free version of WP and free version of Jetpack.

I was planning to close this web site down next year when it’s renewal was due, I figured that with independence highly likely soon and I’ve pretty much exhausted remaining avenues for residual Trolls still hanging around. They are of no importance, Spanner was my original target the rest just got in the way. Julie (whoever she is) outed Iain Cameron, I never asserted that was my work. She didn’t want it known at the time but Scotsnat blogging the lie that I steal other people’s work forces my hand.

This blog posted the Alistair Marjory story, but I had his surname wrong. I was very close and recall his reaction when I teased him with his first name. He went mental and blocked me. I had his town correct and short listed to a small number of guys. Professional journalists took up the work and finished him.

And that’s it, all the rest is my work. Right or wrong it’s mine. You find it titilating that one Troll account is assigned to the wrong Troll, get a grip. They are all Loyalist Scum and traitors to Scotland.

If pressed by Trolls I will extend the lifetime of this site and upgrade to WingsOverScotland level of security. You have been warned.

Now back to business.

Where were we, ah yes. Scotsnat. The Twitter Cybernat and Blogger, part of the Yes movement. Well, it seems folks you’ve been had.

The Dundee Troll accounts:





more to follow…

“Chin Chin o’l boy” was a popular phrase by our well known Creepy Jack Glendinning accounts aka Iain Cameron. He used it many times in Tweets, DM’s and comments on this site. Scotsnat choice of words were intended to lay down a smoke screen. But Creepy Iain Cameron whilst is hanging around on Twitter I don’t think he’s got the stomach to take me on again.

It’s beyond absurd that anyone that knows me would believe that I’m a closet Unionist, Yoon and Naw-Bag. Why go to such lengths to smear me with that claim, it’s almost as if, oh wait surely not.

Loose ends

When researching , sorry Trolling and Googling, Iain Cameron accounts etc I stumbled upon some weird connections. This was after Julie outed Creepy Iain Cameron the BBC weather pundit and author so I was just really curious why Iain chose certain Twitter handles such as Glendinning. Yes he was obsessed with Gaelic place names and religious themes but the Glendinning thing?

Jack Glendinning

Iain famously taunted me that I’d never find him and was foolish to think he was The Jack Glendinning – millionaire business man. In some respects he was right, without Julie’s work I may never have found out who he is. As for believing he was that guy from London, no I didn’t. But needed to see his reactions. It’s these interactions with me on Twitter that gave me an opportunity to pick up small bits of information.

I just like to mess around with Twitter handle etymology, we all choose account names, handles, usernames and passwords in a way that reflects our identities. Only seasoned sociopaths on social media take the time to create accounts that are nigh on impossible to crack.

Iain Cameron had email addresses for his Creepy Troll that resolved to Ideasrecharge.com and Ideasnetwork.com, which do indeed belong to that Jack Glendinning businessman.

Looking at Facebook some Glendinning family members are friends with a certain Jackie Cunningham, @JC_JC1971. Back in 2015 when I was looking at these accounts, I asked Jackie about her links to Iain Glendinning and received the following advice:

”if you knew who I was you’d do one” – Jackie Cunningham @JC_JC1971

How odd. She blocked me and that was the end of that. Not long after that Julie resolved Creepy Jack Glendinning accounts to Iain Cameron.

looking at her Twitter account yesterday I was stunned to see it had transformed from a BritNat loving account to a Yes account. It’s fake. She isn’t a Yes voter you’ve been duped.

@ScotsNat is fake too, he’s not a Yes voter. He’s a Loyalist plant. I expected this and I’m sure you did too but I’m surprised at the depth of infiltration.

Just look at who he follows and interacts with. That’s not normal. If it’s just to acquire ammunition to fire at me, to what end? I’ve never in all these years had anything to do with Scotsnat.

There are others I suspect that are deeply involved, going to marches and meetings.

As for Julie, whoever she is, I never and still don’t have problem with you. You politely kept out of my way, maybe your way of saying you don’t like what I do. That’s fine. It was clear you’d thrown your lot in with “Kevin” had a quiet hand in the background, that was obvious. Since warning @Scotsnat to back off with the accusations against Mark Robertson you’ve disappeared from Twitter. I hope you return as you had much to contribute to the debate on independence.

The so called evidence against mark is fake, photoshopped and judging by the wording is a Richard Fryer construct. The Police closed their notebook after the original malicious complaints were made.

Making false allegations and asking the Police to attend is low, it’s unfair on services that maybe were needed else where, like saving a life. It’s the same as some kid phoning 999 and asking for an ambulance or fire brigade. It wastes time and risks life. It could be your relative, loved one or friend in need. Think before wasting police time. If you have geniune evidence of a crime then call 101 or pop into your local station.

Last word

It’s common knowledge among reasonable people that accusing someone publicly of such a heniuous crime as paedophilia et al will result in that person being targeted. Your intent is to incite someone else to do something, maybe daub graffiti, break a window, abuse him on passing or worse.

Last warning!

Back off!

I’ll take that as a no

Signing me up to medical & legal services using a very private email address is so “Iain Cameron”. Pretty much like when you organised my funeral.

The net has closed

What you have here folks is a pure sociopath.

When you go to great lengths to hide from me leaving fake profiles it’s inevitable that I will identify an innocent person, a price worth paying.

Still doesn’t answer why “Miss Cunningham” signed for the letter as Kevin Cunningham.



pe *********** @gmail.com






Recovery email: k***@min******.com

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