Iain Cameron

Creepy Iain Cameron

If you were trolled, abused and threatened by the following accounts since 2012 and wondered who he is then read on.

Just some of the accounts he operated:

Update: his new account @dunkeIdbridge. That’s a capital I not a lower case l, phone ends in 96 – same as @edradourlad among others.

Iain Cameron, take a bow and welcome to the limelight.

His home cooking skills!
Terrible taste in curtains.
October 2018 update: it’s time to set the record straight. It took months of work to out this Troll, all my own work. Not Julie Riddell’s work. I passed her the details out of kindness as she suffered the most at the hands of Cameron.
As agreed I eventually asserted it was her work to give her some satisfaction that Cameron’s trolling activities were outed and came to an abrupt end.

so, here he his folks. Whisky and Twitter never mix well.


His “genuine” Twitter account.

He blocked me! Wonder why?

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