⁦‪Pauline Boyd

Twitter seems to attract narcissistic sociopaths by the bucket load, this is another one that is supposed to be on our side but has trolled, abused and posted malicious false claims about many Twitter users on the #indyref timelines.

She has many accounts, too many. Never seen anything like it since Richard Fryer or that other lunatic Steve Sayers.

Explainer: she is changing the account names daily, this is one big rocket. If you are wondering why, there is no why. It regrettably took me a while to realise Twitter attracts nutters like Pauline to behave in this way. For Yoons it was never about #indyref and for rockets like Pauline it isn’t about us its about her. She craves attention.

Her behaviour is well known and documented here:


I’ve a feeling this list is going to be never ending but it’s more than that I’m researching. Her days are numbered on Twitter.




@PaulineAndBeans – suspended



@egraciereb – suspended

@scotindylady – Restricted

Twitter Rocket Award 2018

So I reported her moderate abuse just for the fun and Twitter initially rejected the complaint but you know when the email at that stage asks you for further information that may assist them. Well, 30 pages with screen shots, links and a map of her accounts was sufficient to bring her down.

By the time Twitter had changed their minds She’d changed her account name and handle again. She wins the Twitter Rocket award for 2018.

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