Welcome to the limelight Iona Ruth Baxter Unsworth.

Update 24/2/19

I originally asserted Wex was Nabb, predictably he went berserk demanding that it be taken down, pillorying Mark via DM for days. It was a test. He failed.

The eleborate way this Troll has gone to hide led to a genuine person. Wether that was intentional or not leaves one open to the idea that your actions could finger the wrong person. Can you live with that? He clearly can. He failed that test too.

I was wondering how long it’d take for the Wex account to go on holiday like Nabb. Hope they “both” enjoy Peru.

So now Paul knows it was you Johnny Nabb that ruined his SNP chances.


Digital Art from Wex
About Sedition Art

She, is quite frankly out of her mind:

Her website is a real laugh, so much misinformation that it leaves her wide open to legal action which I will initiate.


Let’s set the record straight, again:

I have never threatened the account holder @unsworthwex

I have never been cautioned or charged with threatening to use Semtex, indeed I have never been charged with anything. I wouldn’t get Visa’s for my work at sea around the world if I had a record.

Iona, like others believe that if they pursue the lie that I’m somehow involved in terrorist activities the Police will come. And I mean come, they’d smash the door in at 0500 and armed police would storm in, I’d be dragged from my bed in front of my wife and children while my dog lies dying as the police would have no choice but to respond to her full-on-8-Stone-Rottweiler mode.

So, it’s with heavy heart that I once again must contact Police Scotland and stop the mad cow from somehow invoking some rookie-trainee-weekend-duty-young-officer type from giving that command to knock down my door on a Sunday morning.

You happy now Iona? Well, enjoy your Sunday. 👮‍♀️

Backfired, now David knows who you are.

Failed Companies:

Compulsory Strike Off!
Another Struck Off



Her Stalking


Not Sure but hey ho!

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