An Unhealthy Obsession

I get that our Loyalist Trolls have and always will Troll Mark Robertson because that’s what they do: Troll Yes supporters in the hope they leave social media. I even understand why some Yes folks on Twitter don’t follow Mark – because that’s the point of social media, you chose whom to follow or block. It’s that simple.

But I don’t get why some Yes activists are going beyond Trolling and are engaging in harassment, doxing and threats. Is that the civic Yes movement I’ve heard about?

Now it’s transformed into a very unhealthy obsession probably clinical. Whoever this Wex artist is needs to show this to a trusted friend or close family member and ask them is this normal. It ironically even exceeds my endeavours to shame and out Loyalist Trolls.

Keep it up and you’ll do more damage than good come #indyref2

The graphic is rather telling it’s almost as if they fear Mark, why is that I wonder?

Just remember folks we always (in time) out the Trolls.

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