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A break through on @unsworthwexler account with thanks to our man on the inside.

We initially thought the above account was Johnny Nabb but ended up in circles and now can confirm our original research is correct.

Johnny Nabb: Trolling, abusing, doxing and threatening me among others on Twitter.

Another snivelling little shit and coward of a “man”. Stay away from any March & Rallies and we know you and your wife were kicked out of your local SNP branch.

Snivelling little shit.

We’ve also received some insider information on @ScotsNat account, same person. So it was you all along. Good to know. And your identity was confirmed by thicko Pauline by accident.

The games up Nabb: when are you going to honour that threat you made to me?

I’m still waiting for you to fulfil your threats: what’s up, not man enough?

His latest account: @AUOneSaltire

Previous and other accounts all rife with homophobic slanders and remarks none of which he should be proud of. We have a record of them and as soon as we can locate his employer we’ll spill the beans.

What utter drivel is this?

I have no idea what on Earth that is about. Absolutely none. Pianos 🎹 are now being intimidated. You need help.

Let’s get started.

One of his Troll accounts for Facebook.

Yer tea’s oot!

With #indyref2 around the corner I’d strongly suggest the Yes family sort themselves out, even I’ve left Twitter so as to not get bogged down with petty arguments. It’s time you turned on the medicated end of Yes Twitterati and oust them before they embarrass you.

John McNabb’s threatening behaviour and trolling history is currently being complied for a major newspaper expose. It’s time to clean up your act.

Every Yes voter turning on another Yes voter for NO REASON other than his own amusement is very damaging.

Why don’t you get in touch John, here?

Comments are open. In fact anyone wants a response to anything I’ve done historically good or bad I’d be happy to set the record straight rather than you believing snivelling arseholes like John McNabb or Fran for that matter.

All you’ve done is use Marks sexuality as a weapon and throw around accusations of paedophilic behaviour: none of which has any grounding in reality.

Your wife should be embarrassed at your homophobic behaviour.

Fran is very embarrassed at John’s homophobia!
Unsworthwexler = Scotsnat = Rumplefinkin = John McNabb

Just remember, it’s you (among others) that are hiding from ME because you are a snivelling little shit. You should be embarrassed at that.

I’d call anyone out and never back down.


    1. Like your VPN, already informed them who you are. Told you idiots before that one cannot have an ENG1 if there is any clinical mental health issues and my wife isn’t going anywhere unlike yours. I’ll be retiring soon so suck it buttercup and I’ll have more time to Troll you to the end of time.

    2. I take it you were pissed again when you posted that, so many typo’s it hurts my eyes to read it. Keep drinking yourself to death, Mark and I will pay our respects when your liver fails. What shape of floral tribute do you want, we were thinking about large dick.

  1. dinnae worry bill, old robbo will hae died o diabetes b4 I will. lol
    and as for u, word is uve had plod at ur door agan u fuckin nugget, thats why ur off twitter. lol

    1. Says the coward who’s actually shit scared of me.

      Too afraid to use your home Wi-fi for communicating with me, using a VPN:

      Too afraid to openly communicate on Facebook and resorting to a fake profile to message your petty insults.

      You keep hiding mate and I just keep finding you.

      I’m actually disappointed as I thought you’d be bigger!

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