Pwned by Yoons

Twitter (in Scotland at least) was owned by the Yes movement during the independence referendum from about 2013 when the Edinburgh Agreement was signed till that No vote was returned in 2014.

After that things got messy. I didn’t return to Twitter till after the referendum in 2015 galvanised by the Scottish elections. The threads and timelines were dominated by Loyalist nut cases like @Voiceoftheunion aka John Henderson among other suitably demented characters plus the usual multi account operating Trolls like Steve Sayers and his racist son Adam.

A central theme (from my perspective) was the ideological hatred Sayers had for me, I can only hazard a guess that I somehow offended him. *makes innocent looking face*

In fairness Steve is clever, I’ll give him that. His involvement in a demolition company would give him not only access to actual blocks of Semtex, cat10 blasting caps, timers and triggers but access to the knowledge of how they are handled, stored and used. He’d also know the regulations and laws surrounding such matters and the gravity of making any allegation against someone suspected of having bombs.

Has anyone’s Irony meter broken yet?

I’ve explained this story before countless times. Steve being ever alert and watchful with one of his many troll accounts picked up a joke between me and several other people that were mocking the Unionists for calling us Terrorists during the referendum.

I joked “ye I’ve got recipes for homemade Semtex”, not very wise I know on hindsight and I wince today at that sardonic remark. Nevertheless the Tweet was used in isolation not with the full timeline and its context to throw the accusation around that I was somehow building a bomb in my garden shed.

Steve was so concerned about that he waited about 6 months before reporting it on the day of the Scottish general election: he knew full well I was at a polling station as an SNP member and was hoping for that Kodak moment.

However I was at home when the police came, (you do know that the police have a duty to respond to all complaints even if they are untrue which is called wasting police time – an actual crime).

Yes they hadn’t taken it seriously, in fact they looked stupid and uncomfortable as I suggested that they look in the garden shed!

And that’s how they (Sayers and his wee gang) defeated YOU by labelling me Boom Boom Bill. I’m not so sure some days that this civic nationalism that you speak of is an actual thing when you turn on each other so readily based on lies from the Yoons.

And some days I’m not so sure Scotland is mature enough for independence when I look at the behaviour from so-called Yes voters like McNabb and his wee gang of nutters.

That’s why I’m off Twitter.

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