Stalker, Troll and vile Cybernat.

Jeanette O’Shea doesn’t get to spend her spare time abusing and harassing other Yes voters on social media then hide, it’s not how it works. Shameful. Just another Twitter Troll that is a sociopath and lunatic but yet again a supposed Yes voter.

Credit to original post from http://jeanetteoshea.blogspot.com/ redacted below as I found it a bit OTT.

Tuesday, january 29, 2008

Jeanette O’Shea’s Brother

Jeanette is very sensitive about the subject of her brother and with good reason. He was a sex offender who eventually committed suicide.

Yes folks, Jeanette has claimed she was raped by her own brother. And now he’s dead because he killed himself rather than live with the guilt.

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Jeanette O’Shea’s Marriage

Jeanette O’Shea is married to Tony O’Shea but she’s not happy and she has been involved in affairs, both in her real life and virtually over the internet. The only reason she’s still with Tony is because she hasn’t found a replacement but once she does, she’ll be off.

She hates the fact Tony is a social worker on a low pay cheque. She hates the fact she has to work for South Lanarkshire Council because he doesn’t earn enough. She hates the sexual demands he makes on her.posted by jinty at 9:45 pmlinks to this post

Where can I find Jeanette O’Shea

Jeanette O’Shea’s latest forum is at Toasted where she posts as Claire and tries to convince people she isn’t the Admin. She also has a blog at Blogspot where she proudly displays the screen grabs from a private forum.

Another forum she is welcome on is The Morningstarr* because the Admins are as mental as she is.

Sometimes she posts on The Mirror Forums where she is registered as Crystal Tips and several other troll accounts. Jeanette doesn’t post there so much now because they have banned discussion of the Madeleine McCann case so she has to find new outlets to indulge her obsession with the missing girl.

Forums where Jeanette has been banned from include:

Digital Spy
Showbiz Spy

Once Jeanette is banned from a forum she will begin a vendetta against the site and it’s members. She will constantly re-register to troll and delights in trying to find out where her ‘enemies’ live so she can threaten them.

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