It’s time to talk about another sociopath on Twitter, again from the Yes side but if she’s to be believed she converted to No then back to Yes and now nobody quite knows what she is.

Julie, is just another crazy lady on Twitter that has and had endeared herself to both Loyalist and Nationalists for no other reason other than just because.

Because Twitter attracts sociopaths. A serial offender and remnant from 2014 I’d suggest strongly keeping your distance come #indyref2. She cannot be trusted, claiming to be a Yes voter then changing her mind back an forth for years. It depends on which group she wants to infiltrate.

We know she’s coordinating attacks against Yes voters on Twitter she doesn’t like, feeding them information and goading then into action. A truly vile person bullying by proxy hoping to hide somewhere in the background acting out her innocence.

Games up Julie: more to follow…

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