I’m really NOT on Twitter

Seriously, I can’t be arsed with it anymore with some exceptions. I do take a peak and then roll my eyes at the same old stuff. Both Loyalist and the Medicated end of Yes voters throwing enough mud at each other to sink a battle ship.

I see Martin White is still around with @SNPfail account among his other Troll accounts lending support to serial self-abuser Ms Beans herself.

Remember Martin was the keyboard hardman than threatened me for years on Twitter with his anonymous Troll accounts – that was till we outed him. Not only was I disappointed when I saw his mug shot I also asked this question, seriously if he was your baby sitter that you ordered at short notice via an agency would you leave him alone with a child?

As for Mental Beans, she actually wins the Twitter prize for Doxing Herself. And while we’re thinking about Doxing let’s set the record straight. I’ve only ever Doxed like three people who quite frankly deserved it but that’s all in the past.

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