A farce for good

They deleted this page very quickly from their website, seems they finally gave up counting us.

They also staged, again, a minor incident to goad marchers in the hope of a Kodak moment, thankfully it failed but I’d be interested in the police officer that was duped by AFFG. They technically wasted his time and possibly caused a breach of peace.

“Manky jaikets an’ dirty tactics”

This chap just prior to this photo, was walking on our side of the barrier, he then approached the unionists as if he was wanting to argue with them.
A police officer intervened and had him stand back and stop his argument. I approached him in a friendly manner explaining that yes this tiny bunch of Unionists was indeed irritating but we are a friendly movement and did not want any aggravation, we had children, disabled and elderly and we wanted a peaceful march and to just please ignore them.

He spoke about he had the right to speak to them and tell them how he felt, he was very angry as he spoke.

Others around mentioned his anger and potential to cause problem. I again asked him to please not bring our family friendly march into disrepute. He lost it then and gave his game away. He said through gritted teeth that it was Nicola Sturgeon who was bringing Scotland into disrepute. I burst out laughing, pointing at him and saying to folk around me he is a Unionist pretending to be a Nationalist to start an argument with his pals. He turned and rushed off.

I watched as he pretended to go down the lane at the top end of this tiny gathering of Unionists. He then started talking with one of the Unionists and a few minutes later he bent down and picked up 2 UJ walking around behind the barrier waving them. He walked to the other end, came to the front and I walked back to take his photo.
He covered his face with both flags. On seeing I was intent on taking his photos he walked to the back and tried his best not to let his face be shown. I walked away but a minute or so later turned back saw him talking still with both flags and snapped a few shots.

I think we have to be aware that everyone has a right to believe and follow whatever political view or party they want without abuse. However we must be aware that some people are so desperate to be agent provocateurs to bring our cause into disrepute and we should be aware of them.

I took the photo, and as he was part of a public demonstration, I believe I had the right to, but also if trouble kicked off and he turned out to be one of the ‘nationalists’ causing trouble I had his photo waving flags behind their barrier and clearly not a nationalist.”

(Post by Marjorie McCance)

Here he is back with his mates
Anyone know who he is?
Horrible Bastards!

At a Glasgow event I had the misfortune to stand near them at George Square while the marchers passed by, waiting for Mark again! The language and abuse they were giving out was atrocious. Had that been any other context they’d be arrested. I heard it first hand.

There was about 5 of them, although one looked liked he’d been dragged from some shit-hole: dressed in a grey tracksuit with ominous stains he danced about with eyes like saucers, drooling mouth and waved his wee paper Union Jack.

A police officer had his hand over the amplifier sound control button and he and Mankyshirt wrestled over its control. I’m certain I have pictures but I’ll need to have a rummage through the hard drive.

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