Things Trolls can’t do

They are too busy hiding and covering their tracks in case I find them, meanwhile we are out there. With the Yes Family.

Mark Robertson and Ann McGlaughlan
Mark and Humza

While @rumplefinkin The Coward skulks around with a cheap VPN to throw childish insults around Mark is out there campaigning, meeting and actually doing something for the cause. Below is the raw text of his last two messages. My inbox is full of vile shit from him.

Author: Franny (IP address:,

“you r a fucking idiot brady. how long b4 you lose your wife and job bcause of your mental illness?!!!?”

Author: franny (IP address:,

“dinnae worry bill, old robbo will hae died o diabetes b4 I will. lol 
and as for u, word is uve had plod at ur door agan u fuckin nugget, thats why ur off twitter. lol“

Recovery email Google will send an email containing a one-off verification code to mia•••••••

Who’s Mia?

Fran was @Scotsnat (aka Johnny McNabb) wife, such word play. Love it.

Here are the facts from Rumour Control

  1. I can’t get an ENG1 to goto sea if I was clinically mentally ill.
  2. As much as my long suffering wife would like to throttle me we aren’t separated like Johnny McNabb. Fran I hear had quite enough of his beatings.
  3. I left Twitter voluntarily as it’s shite.
  4. Mark indeed has health issues but that’s his business not yours to cheer on his demise you sick fuck.
  5. Last time “Plod” came was in the guise of CID to investigate similar abusive messages from shit-heads just like you.

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