Hello Goodbye

Did you miss me? Well, I’m still here. Maintaining a website when I’m at sea is impossible when the Host provider changes my name servers and I have to wait weeks for decent internet access to fix it. That said this is probably the last year the blog will be around. So make sure you capture your favourite page.

Odd that in almost 6 years not one Twitter user has contacted me to correct me or even threaten legal action. Not one. Only threats of a different kind but then that’s all you scumbags are capable of. And yes I was threatened with a firearm which was investigated fully by CID. That’s Loyalists for you.


I won’t miss Richard Fryer but I know he misses me. His comments, IP addresses and Proxies are literally his fingerprint. So easy to identify it isn’t even fun anymore. It’s probably a good time to let you in on a WordPress “secret”, I’ve been watching you all make an arse of yourselves accessing this website.

Wordfence Tools
Richturd in Manchester

Originally created to out Spanner, you’ll recall that I was so accurate on his identity his Facebook page posts disappeared as quick as I posted. It should be noted that I went through several free blogs that were pulled down by the providers after Galloway complained. A crappy Russian based server was also under attack daily until I hosted this blog in China on a rented container server.

So, anyway both Loyalist and other Twitter Trolls can go fuck themselves. You’ve proven beyond doubt that you’re all actual snivelling little cowards of men. No, really you have. Not one single hard man amongst you.

Here’s a breakdown of the closest any of you came:

  1. Threatened with an implied firearm by a Loyalist.
  2. Ayrshire guy was on his way to my house knowing I was at sea.
  3. Some guys drove past the house sneering at my wife.
  4. One pretended he hid in a bush overnight waiting for me. (My favourite).

That’s not to say I’m inviting anyone, I really can’t be arsed anymore but as I’ve illustrated you’re all a bunch of shit-heads and cowards.

And before my other top “fan” Steve Sayers points out my past misdeeds he knows full well that he goaded me with his multiple accounts often resorting to very personal comments and sudo threats. He knows full well what he done but he likes to portray the victim, the honest Englishman living in Scotland as a respectable businessman. He can kid himself and others all he likes but he knows what he set out to do.

Finally, if anyone is butt sore or wishes to get in touch use the comments or email the admin.


This blog will self destruct in the next few weeks, I really can’t be arsed anymore.

I proved the loyalists were nothing but cowards, the fucking lot of you.

I outed the Trolls.

I win!

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