Common Garden Trolls

@AgentP  Peter ~ ~ Full outing coming soon thanks to an alert reader. @N2i2  (Adam Woodbridge) @500_mrg @mark2410 @mrsitter89 (Graeme Orr) @stevewright63 @james47238383 @BillyLawrence81 @Beddau71 (Steven Burgess) @purpleline @graeme_m_scott @Trebor68 @Lizcampbell41 @No431onthelist2 (Stuart Howell) The…

Steve Sayers in the Sunday Herald

Revealed: The unionist Twitter trolls who shame Scotland @PeterSwindon Senior reporter, Sunday Herald Original here. Archived here. UNIONIST politicians have been told to stop cosying up to social media “trolls” who carry out foul-mouthed abuse and…

Richard Fryer

@watp1690  <<<< this account was used to dox, abuse and threaten. @oorkid73 @Ourkid73Oorkid @richardfryer73 —- banned account, finally after all these years. Looks like he’s using a proxy to email his abuse to me now….

Twitter Leaks

During #indyref you were trolled, abused and threatened by BritNat Trolls, don’t you want to know who they are? Some are still anonymous but won’t be for long, some operated multiple accounts and still do….