Boom Boom Bill

Its time to visit this old chestnut again. I have to do so because reasonably intelligent adults on Twitter have accepted the lie that I was approached by law enforcement for being involved with Semtex.

That very hurtful and potentially damaging untruth could cost someone dearly. I’m hoping a newspaper actually publishes the story so I can sue them. It’d be a happy retirement so go right ahead The National I’m ready, are you?

When you understand the root cause of the story you’ll see how stupid you’ve been to believe it. In fact it’s so crass I can’t believe that it’s still brandished on Twitter and I’m still answering for it in 2019.


In early 2015 as I was gearing up for the Scottish Elections and bearing in mind like many after the 2014 No vote I had been fairly inactive on Twitter I found like minded Scots again on Twitter to discuss strategy and politics.

We reminded ourselves how the British had attached so many slurs and names to Yes voters. You’ll also recall those days how we were branded Nazi scum and terrorists.

Boom Boom

So I joked with another Yes account that we were so bad that “I had recipes for home made Semtex”.

Now, think about that. Semtex is a brand. I can’t have a recipe for a brand. And as for recipes the tweet could allude to knowing a method to mix together chemicals and processes that’d make plastic explosives. Why would a person in my position Tweet that I was actually going to build a fucking bomb.

Jesus Christ, Steve Sayers are you mad?

That’d be early 2015. Unbeknown to me our old friend from Kinross with his many Twitter accounts was watching and screenshotting.

He waited 6 months before contacting the Police, curiously on the same day as the election. He, being a Director of a company that actually has access to Semtex, made a fake complaint which wasted police time that I was making bombs in my shed!

Boom Boom Bill 💣

The Police are duty bound to attend when called upon, it’s how it works. Even if you give a false statement the Police have to visit me. It’s been very tiresome over the years having Police arrive only to go away empty handed and puzzled. When they could be somewhere else possibly saving lives, possibly someone you know or care about.

It’s the same as setting fires and calling fire brigade just for a laugh. Grow up guys.

So, yes they came. I had just returned from voting. I let them in and we all sat down. One officer said that they were here to talk about an allegation that I have explosives.

My first thought was Dale Creggan, the guy that threw a hand grenade at police from his door. Surely since that incident Police wouldn’t just rock up to a random door to ask if you have a 💣

And that’s just how I responded, I said “if you thought for one minute that was real you and I wouldn’t be taking”. They agreed totally and accepted it was a malicious hoax that is wasting their time.

Matter closed

Anyone alluding to the lie that I was cautioned, charged and arrested for threatening (insert name here) with home made explosives will be dealt with in court. I hope you have deep pockets cause I’ll asset strip you to pay the damages.

It was a Steve Sayers special, you’ve all been had.

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