Neil Lovatt

@SNPMediaWatch His latest Troll account but he’s now pretending to be a girl called Jodi. The shame of it!  

H7 & Malpas

Major D Malpas Like football more than he asserts. In fact you’d almost be forgiven for thinking he’s been capped a few times. H7 on the other hand is a worthless peice of shit who…

Trolling for Dummies

1. Get loads of SIM cards, you’re gonna need them. 2. Be creative with account names, using themes will draw attention. Using religious themes and Scottish place names like Iain Cameron was a dead give…

El Del is Delivered

Poor Auld El Del Getting it tight on Social Media, it’s what he deserves for being a Yoon Troll.   El Del thinks that Ex Forces that vote Yes or for the SNP are Traitors….


After a period of absence, Im back! I do have to work sometimes you know. Anyway you’ll all remember this arse on Twitter: @El_Del a chronic pain in the neck.

Wee Willie Brady

At 6 foot, 16 stone and a practicing Martial Artist I’ve never in my entire life been described as wee! “Jim Bond” on the other hand when you see his pictures is a snivelling little…

Jack Glendinning

Creepy Stalker Iain Cameron He went to some lengths to hide but made many mistakes, choosing and recycling the same email addresses for his Troll accounts. Pretending to be a Jack Glendinning, resolving his email…