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Posts – Twitter Leaks

Peter Donaldson

@MrManIsTheMan Its called Pascalling, when The First Letter Of Each Word is capitalised. An old programming technique which some Trolls are fond of. He also keeps using the same phone numbers and emails. Really bad…

⁦‪Pauline Boyd

Twitter seems to attract narcissistic sociopaths by the bucket load, this is another one that is supposed to be on our side but has trolled, abused and posted malicious false claims about many Twitter users…

Johnny McNabb

I’m so disappointed at this news, what did I ever do you Johnny? Fuck all! Welcome to the limelight. @SkyNedNews Proud owner of “Wex” account: @Unsworthwexler

Angus MacSween

(I’m not fussy if this isn’t 100% just now but someone with full access to create email addresses on a Company server and is a known Yoon.)

Sociopaths and Trolls

Rachael Swindon so, I stumbled upon this. And it got me thinking, you know what your #indyref hashtag is a mess. It’s awash with both Loyalist Yoon Trolls and some random nutters purporting to be…

For the love of God!

@Scotsnat Not a Yoon, Loyalist or Naw Bag and I’ve never offended him (to my knowledge), but persisting with attacks on MY friend is unacceptable. Scotsnat, cause we’ll call him that, as he never revealed…

Neil Lovatt

@SNPMediaWatch His latest Troll account but he’s now pretending to be a girl called Jodi. The shame of it!  

H7 & Malpas

Major D Malpas Like football more than he asserts. In fact you’d almost be forgiven for thinking he’s been capped a few times. H7 on the other hand is a worthless peice of shit who…

Trolling for Dummies

1. Get loads of SIM cards, you’re gonna need them. 2. Be creative with account names, using themes will draw attention. Using religious themes and Scottish place names like Iain Cameron was a dead give…