Neil Lovatt

@SNPMediaWatch His latest Troll account but he’s now pretending to be a girl called Jodi. The shame of it!  

H7 & Malpas

Major D Malpas Like football more than he asserts. In fact you’d almost be forgiven for thinking he’s been capped a few times. H7 on the other hand is a worthless peice of shit who…

Trolling for Dummies

1. Get loads of SIM cards, you’re gonna need them. 2. Be creative with account names, using themes will draw attention. Using religious themes and Scottish place names like Iain Cameron was a dead give…

Bloody Journalists

Just a reminder that @psflaps is Craig Fowler, a Britnat that’s been trolling for years. His vile language and abuse speaks for itself. We use to download as a pdf file over the years,…


Hidden in plain sight, another vile Yoon Troll. So many connections to other Trolls using sitcom Army titles. So many ex footballers enjoying golf, hillwalking and being offensive on Twitter.

Comment of 2017

Iain Cameron take a bow. Sad thing is he thought it was great that I couldn’t tell apart the worst three Trolls on Twitter including Adam Sayers or his repugnant father Steve.


I’ll be shedding some light on this account soon, get it? Some light? ?

Major D Malpas

Mutt Lunker   Another Troll with an obsession, this one likes hills. Suppose it’s better than patches of snow. Random plate of food, maybe he swaps recipes with Iain Cameron.

The Fox

Just for fun, can anyone remember the Loyalist on Twitter that made an actual threat to shoot Yes voters. He had his firearm license revoked following complaints  to the Police?   Henry Kenneth take a…

Semtex Steve ?

The Bomb Hoax I’ve answered for this one more times than I can remember, let’s set the record straight. Loyalists on Twitter following the MSM narrative that Yes voters were terrorists, remember that one, I…