What’s this all about?

Well, it all started with a lunatic called Sayers.

There I was minding my own business on Twitter, as @anonsailor, tweeting about #indyref just after the Edinburgh Agreement was signed. I’d been politically inactive since leaving the armed forces, voting for Devolution and voting for the SNP in the 2011 landslide.

I had gone from Tory voting (please, please forgive me it was in 1998 I think, totally  brain washed wee serviceman) to full on Scottish Nationalist after waking up.  Waking up to the reality of Scotland having been mismanaged and driven into the ground by decades of Tory and Labour rule.

Probably like most of you independence was out of our grasp pre 2011, certainly pre Devolution. Anyway, Twitter is where it seemed the “debate” was and I used an old account that was primary used for keeping up with the world of hacking and Anonymous work.

I was an old school Linux geek and later a Backtrack5r3 user, we know that Kali Linux superseded that platform but by then I had better things to do.

(One of the most annoying things about Loyalists on Twitter was denouncing anything I ever asserted about myself, turns out that was their thing: denounce, ridicule, abuse, Dox then finally threaten.  I think Janey Godley put it better in a recent Tweet.)

I’m no bully, thug or bampot but I can assure you that then as is now if I’m crossed I will retaliate. If I am threatened I will reciprocate in kind. Mess with me and I’ll make it my life’s ambition to see you fail. You won’t see it coming.

I emailed EVERY last school in the UK about a certain bigoted and racist maths teacher. (Don’t believe that, I downloaded a spreadsheet with email contacts for every school in England, easily done.) Will they delete my email, most probably but a seed of doubt will be planted and that head teacher just might look at said maths teacher differently.

Twitter by 2014 was where I believed the #indyref debate was, much of it was positive but it became very toxic by September and worse after that as the Loyalists went on a goat fest trolling to their hearts content.

I remained anonymous back then for a reason. The Loyalists or Yoons as we call them were targeting prolific Yes accounts like mine.  Converting people to Yes or at least pointing them to sources, links and posting facts based on experience and knowledge.  The Yoons didn’t like that.  Many of us recall how they would destroy a hashtag in minutes with their abuse. They organised themselves by DM and would round on a conversation and destroy it. It wasn’t coincidence that you suddenly found yourself under such an attack.

At one point, to his mental credit, Steve Sayers literally had a sock puppet empire. I would be arguing with up to 5 different plausible accounts, all of them Steve. What madness is that, madly typing on multiple screens at a desk. Commanding an army of virtual trolls.  One would be debating sensibly, one would be a little difficult, one would be rude and one would be abusive.  Then the since banned original @stevesayers1 account would pop up and ask how’s things going Bill? That guy is a total rocket, actually clinically fucking ill.

Another favourite trick of theirs is to post images of fake Tweets, I think Janey Godley was on the receiving end of that one recently.  Steve and his graphics tablet created a few fake posts with my name or supposed accounts. You’ll know the genuine ones as I’ll be happy to claim them with pride and post the comments again.  It was Steve Sayers that brought my family into this shit first I’m just reciprocating in kind. ?

The Loyalists in Twitter are also adept at threatening physical violence along the lines of, “if I find you…”. So I made it easy for the snivelling little runts of men and simply offered a time and place. (Yes, I agree that’s really stupid).  Not one folks, not fucking one of them showed up. Keyboard warrriors.

There was one daft twat claimed he waited all night in a bush near where I walked, that’s the level you’re dealing with on line.  Please block the lot and don’t give them the oxygen.  Some prominent Yes accounts still follow them and have apparently reasoned discussion with them, if question their loyalty despite their claims. Like @gavmacn, Gavin MacNeil isn’t a Yes voter, go look at his following/ followers. Very cosy chats with Yoons. He isn’t the only suspect account.

So they denounce, mock, abuse, Dox, threaten and finally, my personal favourite – invent a ridiculous accusations and report you to the Police. ?

There’s only one lunatic in Scotland with access to explosives, (from his own demolition company), and that’s Steve Sayers.


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